Monday - Friday, from 9:00 to 18:00

Production capability: up to 10.000.000 meters/year

European certification by TSUS, Slovakia

Full engineering and technical assistance during your projects

Scrutinous quality control of every incoming batch

Range of sizes

You don't have to keep in mind the problem of waste and rebar length reduction. The GFRP rebar can be produced in any size, being packed in a bundle and then simply straightened

Reinforcement splicing

No more welding of the rebar! Unlimited length of the GFRP armament allows the construction company to cut the installment and welding costs dramatically. 

Energy Efficiency (EE)

The service of the building is also more efficient, as the heating costs are cut down due to thermal qualities of the GFRP rebar


Due to corrosive resistance and other physical properties of GFRP rebar, the building durability is at least 80 years

Radio transparency and dielectric properties

The GFRP rebar is 100% dielectric and doesn't conduct electric current. It creates therefore no impact on electromagnetic fields and radio waves, including Wi-Fi

Ideal interaction with concrete

Ideal interaction between cement mix and composite reinforcement in terms of tensity and temperature prevents any fluctuations and prolongs the lifespan of the structure

Simplified installation

You're using the minimum forces and resources in cutting or installation process. Based on our experience, the installation costs can be cut for up to 80%

Resistance to temperature changes

The GFRP rebar doesn't lose its advantages in temperature conditions from -70ºC to +200ºC

Light weight

Composite reinforcement is up to 9 times lighter than steel. This decreases the costs of transportation and setup for up to 80%

High tensile strength

The tensile strength of composite materials is up to 3 times higher than of steel. This allows to substitute classic rebar with GDRP with smaller diameter, which gives better economy

Low thermal conductivity

Composite mesh doesn't conduct the heat, which is crucial in the harsh climate and allows to avoid "cold points"

Up to 80% economy on transportation

Lightweight and compact design means your profit. 1 truck brings as much GFRP rebar as 9 trucks full of steel rebar.